Powerful API for seamless integration

Integrate our API within your platform to grant your customers access to qualified Tax Professionals across the U.S. That way, your customers can have expert tax filing help while you focus on your core services.

How it works

Implementing our API, step-by-step

Our platform has the Pros; yours has the customers. Leveraging our API means your customers can have peace of mind this tax season as part of your services.

Once it’s integrated, you can have notification oversight and track different jobs.

Getting set up

We provide detailed documentation and support to assist you as you integrate our API within your platform.

Onboarding customers

Once our API is integrated with your system, you can oversee all the notifications based on our webhook events.

Monitor and manage

Stay updated with job progress, manage document uploads, and ensure timely deliveries.

Why integrate with Taxfyle?

The benefits of our API

Expand your services

Generate more value by providing your customers with the ability to file their taxes, without leaving your system, to enhance their experience.

A cost-effective solution

Don’t invest time developing tax filing solutions. With Taxfyle, you can improve customer satisfaction and retention without incurring overhead costs.

Readily available experts

No need to gather tax filers yourself. We created a platform for Pros so your customers can have their taxes filed by industry experts seamlessly.

Real-time updates

Customers can track their job progress, communicate with Pros, and upload documents in one place. That way, there’s more ease when it comes to taxes.

 Licensed Pros available for your needs

Integrate licensed Pros within your platform

All Pros using Taxfyle are licensed CPAs or EAs located nationwide, averaging 12 years of experience, where we verify the status of their licenses and conduct background checks.

Are you ready?

It’s time to transform your offerings

Leverage the power of our API and a robust network of Pros to augment your customer services by implementing expert tax filing services.