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Individual tax guide: How to file taxes in 2024

Whether you’re filing taxes for the first time or need a refresher, this tax guide can help individuals of different filing types be slightly more prepared for the tax season. Learn about how credits and deductions function and better understand how different filing statuses affect your taxes.

Rental property expense tracker template

Download a rental property expense tracker Excel spreadsheet for landlords. Simplify your finances with our rental property expense template designed to streamline expense tracking.

Business plan template

Get started with your business journey today! Download our free, simple, and comprehensive business plan template. Perfect for outlining your new venture.

Invoice tracking template

Efficiently manage invoices with our free Excel template for invoice tracking. Simplify your finances today with our easy-to-use download.

Invoice template

Get your business organized with our free Excel invoice template. Download now for a printable, blank, and professional invoice template solution.

Cash flow template

Achieve financial clarity! Download FREE Excel cash flow templates for your company or small business. Easy to use, track your money flow effectively.

Business Financial Statement Excel Template Bundle

Download our free financial statement Excel template bundle. This bundle includes an Excel template for an income statement, chart of accounts, and a balance sheet.

Chart of accounts Excel template

Get your free Excel chart of accounts template. This simple spreadsheet helps small business owners organize their finances for better budgeting and bookkeeping.

Excel balance sheet template

Download our free, simple Excel balance sheet template. Easily track your finances with this user-friendly template.

2024 tax checklist for individual filers

Maximize your tax season efficiency with our all-inclusive tax preparation guide. Access our downloadable tax preparation checklist PDF to streamline your document organization. Stay on track with our vital tax prep checklist tailored for individual filers.

Self-employed tax checklist

Use this tax checklist to file your self-employed taxes.

C corp tax checklist

This tax checklist can help businesses structured as a C corporation file IRS Form 1120.

S corp tax checklist

Use this tax checklist to help you get started filing filing IRS Form 1120S for your S corporation.

Partnership and LLC tax checklist

Use this tax preparation checklist for your partnership or multi-member LLC.

Free Excel income statement template

Have a better understanding of your business's finances using our free income statement template. Simply import the template into Excel and begin filling out the necessary fields.

Small business tax guide: How to file business taxes in 2024

Stay up to date on important tax information for your business. From different structures, credits, deductions, and everything in between, this guide can help you understand how business taxes function as you prepare for the tax season.

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