Tax filing made efficient and affordable

Trusted by over 200 CPA firms and 100,000 users, Taxfyle is a real-time tax filing app that connects you to a tax professional within minutes. We're here to make filing taxes easy, efficient, and more affordable.


licensed CPA professionals


less than retail tax


jobs started in under 2 min


average time for completion*

*once all documents have been provided to tax pro

How it all started

Our story starts in the back of an Uber, when our CEO, Richard Laviña, came up with the idea of “uberizing” professional tax services in 2015.

While working as a CPA, he noticed a shift in what clients were demanding from their accountants. Expectations had become more about acting as a “proactive consultant” rather than meeting once a year just to file taxes. Looking to provide clients with the consultants they need, and give CPAs the opportunity to manage them on their own time — Taxfyle was born.

Founded in August 2015, Taxfyle was created to empower firms, file taxes for individuals, and give CPAs the opportunity to work independently. We're still at the beginning of our journey, and yet Taxfyle has grown from three co-founders to over 100+ employees and 7,200+ Pros.

Taxfyle’s standards

Our formula for success

At Taxfyle, we value progress, innovation, and dedication. Here, we share a vision to create a platform that allows people to reach their full potential, expand their businesses, and improve the overall quality of their work life.

Democratizing taxes

This is how we’re changing the game

For years, CPAs have struggled to balance compliance work while trying to meet their clients’ demands, until now. Taxfyle provides people with a solution to their tax problems from within their pockets, while also giving CPAs the flexibility they need.

Transforming the industry

Efficient, professional software

We at Taxfyle strive to create a platform that gives people the opportunity to work freely, easily, and efficiently, from wherever they want. With more than 100,000 returns filed, and more than 7,200 licensed professionals, we're getting closer to meeting that goal every day. As our platform grows, we’ve been featured in Inc. 5000 and other notable publications.