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Daniel leveraged years of industry experience and free time to maximize his earning potential through Taxfyle. Whether you want to freelance full-time or on the side, there are different ways to succeed on our platform.

Flexibility. Increased earning potential. And more.

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Full-time. Side hustle. Whatever the case. Taxfyle’s platform caters to Tax Professionals nationwide. Whether they want to leverage their downtime for more cash, are semi-retired, or left public accounting but want to keep their tax knowledge sharp, each Pro on Taxfyle’s network has their own reason for joining.

Opportunities for new tax practitioners

After graduating from college, Mykaela Wallace, a Taxfyle Pro from Oklahoma, got her CPA license and entered the accounting industry. When she discovered Taxfyle, she used her tax knowledge to pay off her student loans.

Leverage downtime with a side hustle

With 16 years of public accounting experience, Taxfyle Pro Russell Webb from Houston became a Taxfyle Pro because he could file the tax returns he liked during his downtime without it interfering with work at his firm.

Work to your own desired schedule

Flexibility is the hallmark of Taxfyle’s platform. Each Pro is their own boss. For Pros like Jeremy Miller, from Davenport, IA, he is able to balance growing his own accounting practice while earning more money through Taxfyle.

With Taxfyle’s support, obviously, the steady income stream, the scheduling flexibility… It's afforded us the opportunity to really put our dreams into reality.

Goran Gmitrovic

Taxfyle Pro

I had been growing my side hustle for about two years now. And it just boomed from word of mouth. And then it boomed even more once I found out about Taxfyle.

Adriana Rahrig

Taxfyle Pro

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Whether you want to get more experience filing taxes, leverage your experience, or just want to earn a little extra income on the side, Taxfyle can help. Join the Pros nationwide who turn to our network for its flexibility and access to tax filing jobs.