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Accounting Continuing Education You Should Pursue

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Accounting Continuing Education You Should Pursue



Accounting Continuing Education You Should Pursue

To stay current with industry standards and practices, continuous learning and professional development are essential for accountants. Meeting CPE requirements is crucial to maintaining your license and enhancing your knowledge and skills. This blog provides information on the best CPE options.

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Top CPE Course Providers

Earning CPE Credits Online

CPA and EA CPE Requirements for 2023

Top Online CPE Course Providers

Choosing the Right CPE for Your Accounting Profession

Top CPE Course Providers

1. Surgent CPE

Surgent CPE offers a diverse range of courses designed for CPAs and IRS Enrolled Agents. Their courses cover various topics, including accounting, auditing, taxation, and ethics. Known for their high-quality content and experienced instructors, Surgent CPE ensures practical knowledge and real-world application. You can choose individual courses or opt for subscription plans, granting you unlimited access to their extensive catalog.

2. Becker CPE

Becker CPE is a reputable CPE course provider catering to both CPAs and IRS Enrolled Agents. They offer live webinars and on-demand courses, allowing you to learn independently. Becker CPE courses help you develop and refine your professional skills. With various topics and industry expert instructors, Becker CPE provides flexible options, including individual courses, bundled packages, and subscription plans.


The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) is a leading professional organization for CPAs and IRS Enrolled Agents. They offer a wide range of high-quality CPE courses that meet rigorous standards of quality and relevance. AICPA courses cover accounting principles, auditing standards, tax regulations, and professional ethics, providing the most up-to-date and comprehensive education tailored to the needs of accounting professionals.

4. Western CPE

Western CPE is another provider offering online courses for CPAs and EAs. Their courses cover diverse areas such as tax planning, accounting, and financial statement analysis. Western CPE's engaging and relevant courses keep you updated with the latest industry trends.

Earning CPE Credits Online

1. Explore Online CPE Course Providers

Numerous online platforms offer CPE courses for both CPAs and IRS Enrolled Agents. Take the time to explore their course catalogs, compare offerings, and read reviews to find the best fit for your needs. Look for providers that offer a wide range of courses, experienced instructors, and a user-friendly learning platform.

2. Enroll in Self-Study Courses

Self-study courses provide the flexibility to learn at your own pace and convenience. These courses typically involve reading materials, case studies, and quizzes to assess your understanding. Self-study courses offer a flexible option for earning CPE credits without attending live sessions.

3. Participate in Live Webinars

Live webinars offer an interactive learning experience where you can engage with instructors and fellow participants. These webinars are scheduled at specific times and provide the opportunity to ask questions and participate in discussions, helping you stay updated on industry trends and network with other accounting professionals.

CPA and EA CPE Requirements for 2023

1. Understand the Minimum Credit Hours Required

Most states require CPAs and EAs to complete a certain number of CPE credit hours within a specified period, usually one to three years. The minimum credit hours can vary, depending on the state and license type.

2. Check State-Specific Requirements

CPE requirements vary by state, so reviewing your state board's specific requirements is essential. Some states may have additional requirements beyond the minimum credit hours needed.

3. Select Courses Meeting Subject Area Requirements

In addition to the minimum credit hours, CPAs and EAs are often required to complete a specific number of hours in subject areas like ethics, auditing, taxation, or accounting. Ensure that the courses you choose fulfill these subject area requirements.

Choosing the Right CPE for Your Accounting Profession

1. Assess Your Professional Goals and Areas for Improvement

Before selecting CPE courses, evaluate your professional goals and identify areas to enhance your knowledge and skills. Consider your long-term career objectives and focus on courses that align with your professional aspirations.

2. Consider the Relevance of the Course to Your Specific Field

Choose CPE courses relevant to your specific accounting field, whether it's auditing, taxation, or financial planning. Seek courses that enhance your expertise and keep you updated with industry developments.

3. Look for Courses Recognized and Approved by Professional Organizations

Professional organizations like the AICPA and state CPA societies often provide lists of approved CPE providers and courses. Selecting courses recognized by these organizations ensures that you meet the highest standards of professional education.

Continuing education is essential for accountants to stay at the forefront of their profession. Pursuing the right CPE courses can enhance your knowledge, expand your skill set, and maintain your professional credentials. Consider the best CPE providers, explore online options, and choose courses aligned with your career goals. Committing to continuous learning will benefit your professional growth and contribute to your accounting practice's success.

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