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Tax professionals have the ability to be their own boss now more than ever before. The recent transition by many firms to a remote work environment has significantly shifted traditional office standards. An increase in agency over decisions such as where you work and what hours you work have given professionals greater say on how they allocate their time. With extra time and new technologies that have facilitated remote collaborative work, tax professionals are finding innovative ways to make money. One tool that has been on the rise where Pros can capitalize on is Taxfyle.

From 2020 to 2021, the number of Pros that dedicated themselves fully to Taxfyle tripled. With an increasing number of outsourcing opportunities, jobs are passing through the platform at a rate which increasingly allows Taxfyle Pros the advantage to make the jump and be their own boss. Already, 2021 has seen the number of Pros making over $10,000 a year on the platform increase by 60% and Pros making over $50,000 increase by over 100%.

With the uptick in Pro activity, we are now able to pinpoint key strategies and behaviors that facilitate and increase the likelihood of success on our platform. 

Top earning Pros reported abiding by the following practices to maximize job opportunities:

  1. After onboarding, Pros advise having a tab open on their browser set to the Opportunities page. The opportunities page sends browser notifications as they appear in real-time.
  2. After your first job, reach out through the Help Chat to inquire about new outsourcing opportunities. 
  3. If you do not see any opportunities, or are unable to pick them up, reach out regardless to see if our team has any available openings in other workspaces.
  4. Once added to an outsourcing workspace, do your best in completing jobs on time while establishing a rapport with those partners.
  5. Clients on outsourcing workspaces can differ from each other with regards to what they expect on jobs. After successfully completing a handful of outsourcing jobs, you can start gaining exclusive rights to workspaces and continue the process of growing your book of business through the platform. 

To learn more about becoming your own boss with Taxfyle, contact us now at

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