Business Update


As the summer busy season is wrapping up, we wanted to share with you some of the highlights from 2021 and some promising insight as we begin looking ahead to the 2022 tax season.

Completed over 18,000 tax jobs

Completed over 70,000 tax returns

Completed over 3,000 business tax returns

Average Pro Rating above 4.8

The success of 2021 is in large part due to the commitment and professionalism of our Tax Pros. 

Next year is expected to be another positive step in continued growth in demand for Taxfyle services. We’re happy to share that we project to complete over 40,000 tax jobs next tax season. Our focus has been securing our Tax Pros more opportunities every year. We’re happy to continue delivering on that commitment by securing more demand tax services for our Pros.

Our team is growing rapidly to accommodate the demand in the market for on-demand assisted tax preparation and review. We’re expecting to see growth across each of our product lines as we continue to expand our Brand presence in both the consumer and business segments. With our continued growth, there will be new and exciting opportunities for our Tax Pro community.

With more demand, our engineering team is working on making several enhancements to enable key functionality and allow Pros to service jobs more efficiently while improving the routing algorithm to engage more Tax Pros looking for work. If you’re interested in committing more time to Taxfyle and earning more for yourself, coordinate with our support team and we’ll get you set up for success.

If you’re receiving this and you have not completed or renewed your registration for the 2021 Tax season, update your information and let’s get to work!

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