Has Covid-19 Provided You A Chance To Reflect on Your Business?


It’s hard to escape the headlines circling around us on a 24-hour news cycle. Of course we want to know what’s happening in the world outside our quarantined lives, but how do we stay positive when bombarded with negative messages? With a majority of stories reminding us of our susceptibility to the world health crisis and a not-so-subtle suggestion that our economy is on the brink of unprecedented turmoil, we need to look for the light in the opportunity.

This is the chance for businesses and individuals alike to reset, take a breath and ultimately grow stronger for having walked through the flames. The government’s $2 Trillion economic stimulus package, aptly named the CARES act, provides opportunities that businesses can leverage to stay afloat through the global health crisis and allows them instead to focus on the more immediate matter at hand - how to get real productivity from an entirely remote workforce and come out stronger than ever.

With products like Zoom, Google Meet, and Slack, a workforce can stay in constant contact and maintain communication throughout the day so teams can still continue to innovate together. But the biggest problem arises in how work is being assigned and sent; now that we’ve lost the ability to meet in person, document handoffs and determining which employee has capacity is a lot more challenging in a virtual environment. Additionally, Managers have to deal with a lack of visibility on the status of their projects, which can make planning next steps extremely difficult. This seems to be the one area where a lot of businesses don’t have the technology to help.

When we stop and think about the bottlenecks to remote work, a work routing tool becomes crucial and that’s where Worklayer steps in. Being able to see which employee has the time, bandwidth and skill to pick up work will be the next step in optimizing a remote workforce. Once companies have that, they can maximize the ROI of every remote employee, increase retention by making employees feel valuable, and see reductions in overhead costs. With products like Worklayer who’s to say a modern office will still be needed after this has passed?

I believe wholeheartedly that with the right tools and applications this economy can bounce back - or rather, be propelled forward - and businesses who are open and flexible to new technologies and ways of doing things will be the ones to come out on top. What’s your opinion? Can businesses use the current situation to change the projection of their business?

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