How To Acquire Clients To Grow Your Tax Business


How to acquire clients to grow your tax business

As a firm owner, you know that the only thing more important for your firm's success than your staff is your clients. They keep your firm profitable, and finding new ways to acquire clients helps your firm grow. For that reason, all firms should have a robust customer acquisition strategy. Customer acquisition prevents income drops due to customer attrition and allows you to develop your client base and considerably raise your income over time.

You don’t have to be a marketing expert to expand your client base. This blog post will provide helpful tips to help your accounting business grow its client base. 

Improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One of the first resources prospective clients use to find an accounting firm is Google. That is why all businesses should strive to appear on search engine results pages. There are two ways to get there: organically or through paid searches. You must work on your SEO if you want your company to appear naturally in search results.

Google's search engine's algorithms naturally prefer organic search results. Learning the complexities of SEO takes time, but these fundamentals will get you started:

  • Incorporate important keywords across your website, particularly in headers and subheadings. Careful not to add too many keywords as Google may penalize this keyword stuffing tactic.
  • Free tools like the Google Keyword Planner may assist you in determining the keywords you want to target so that more possible clients see your website as a consequence of higher search rankings. (Again, be careful not to overstuff your website with keywords since this might affect your website's rankings.)
  • Update your website regularly. Google’s rankings favor regularly updated websites. One helpful way to ensure this practice is to run a blog on your website and post consistently. 
  • Focus on local SEO by including your geographic area in your targeted keywords.
  • Creating pages like Yelp or a Google Business Profile will help users find you organically and create content for you to bolster your brand.

Take advantage of social media

Social media may be one of your most effective strategies for growing the reach of your accounting practice. Facebook continues to reach the largest audience, with 68 percent of Americans using the third most-visited site globally. LinkedIn, popular among professionals, may also help you locate a large client base. Instagram also offers you a more creative approach to marketing your tax business. Content creation tools like Canva are easy to use and can help you quickly produce graphics for the platform. However, prioritize Facebook first, increasing your audience and market share before expanding your social media portfolio with additional platforms when ready.

Make the client onboarding process simple

When you have new tax clients, how straightforward is it to onboard them? Do you greet them warmly, informing them of what they can anticipate from you, how frequently they should expect to connect with you, how you will share information with them, and how vital their company is to you? A simplified onboarding process for new clients may greatly benefit your new client relationships. The easier it is for your company to onboard clients, the more likely they will suggest you.

Begin by considering automating the process, guaranteeing that all information obtained is saved correctly and does not consume necessary time. It is also beneficial to have a meeting after they’re onboarded to understand better what they should expect from you and learn how each of you can have a prosperous relationship. 

Solidify yourself as an advisor

Several studies show that clients want more from their accountant than just run-of-the-mill tax preparation. Many clients want their accountant to be a trusted advisor. Consider leveraging your value as a business advisor to help grow your client base, especially through referrals. 

Clients, old and young, new and existing, need more from their accountants than bread and butter services. There is no service more valuable than your knowledge and experience. For older clients looking toward retirement, you can advise them on how to help position themselves in a manner where their financial future remains secure into their retirement. Younger clients may be interested in learning more about how to set their businesses up for success. 

How Taxfyle can help

Finding clients is a challenging aspect of running an accounting firm. With Taxfyle, we can make that process a little easier. By becoming a Taxfyle Pro, you can gain access to a constant stream of clients as a freelancer. We're an on-demand platform that links customers and businesses needing assistance with tax returns and forms with tax experts like you. Working with us means interacting with thousands of people who require tax preparation assistance. Through the platform, job orders are quickly directed to you.

CPAs created Taxfyle to help others increase their earning potential at their leisure. Today, we have more than thousands of Pros picking up work from individuals and firms across the U.S. Working with us means you can still keep your full-time job and benefits while taking home more money. 

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