How To Be A Top Earner On Taxfyle


Taxfyle Pro,

After discussing with some of the top earners in our Pro network, we have collected some of their best practices and strategies for how they became top earners on our platform.

Make yourself known to our Customer Success Team

  • Taxfyle is constantly getting new opportunities throughout the year! The more available you are, the more we are likely to reach out to you about them. Like in all of life, relationships are critical to continued success.

Make sure to hit your deadlines, especially with our outsourcing partners

  • In order to create a good working relationship, we have to trust your ability to hit these deadlines. Our clients on Taxfyle and our Outsourcing Partners tend to request new tax Pros if their current preparer misses deadlines.

Make your mark on the Taxfyle Portal

  • Our outsourcing spaces are invite only! We recommend being as active as possible, especially during tax season as job traffic increases. When we are vetting Pros for outsourcing opportunities, we look for those Pros who have shown to be good communicators, are responsive, and consistently provide correct information.

Availability is key

  • All of our top earners constantly work with us to pick up jobs on our network; many become full-time on our platform. We are more likely to notice Pros that are consistently on our network and interact with the Taxfyle team. So, giving us an honest idea of your availability is crucial.

Perform at your peak

  • Lastly, the quality of your work must be up to par. If we cannot trust you with a return, it is unlikely that we will assign you to work with a client or outsourcing partner. No one is above making mistakes, but repeated blunders can make our partners and clients less likely to work with you and with Taxfyle.

At the end of the day, your continued success is in everyone’s best interest, be it financial freedom, investment capital, retirement, etc. and we hope to be your vehicle for that success. Please let us know if you have any questions on how you can earn more on our platform and we will be more than happy to help you!

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