How To Generate Strong Marketing Strategies To Attract High-Value Clients


How To Generate Strong Marketing Strategies To Attract High-Value Clients

When you’re running an accounting firm, you know the competition is all around you. Whether it comes from small or up-and-coming firms or larger ones with an established presence, your firm needs to compete successfully against these firms to grow and maintain its established presence in the marketplace. 

Having a well-developed marketing strategy is among the easiest ways to ensure your firm is in a regular position for growth by virtue of new clients gaining more awareness of your practice. If you’re wondering what you can do to market your accounting firm to attract high-value clients, this blog post is for you. 

Who is Your Target Market

Do you have a clear understanding of what clients you want for your firm? Identifying the right clients can help you understand where you should focus your marketing efforts on. To begin understanding your target audience, ask yourself, "Who would benefit the most from my services?" "If you respond honestly, you will begin to uncover your ideal candidate—the audience you want to get in front of and offer your services to.

Have a Strong Website

The most effective way to market your firm in the digital age is through your website and digital footprint. Not doing so means your firm misses out on a significant opportunity to attract new clients. 

Most consumers conduct research online before choosing a product or service, and this applies to accounting firms. There’s no better way to ensure new clients have their eyes on your firm than through your website. Your website is likely the first impression prospective clients have of your firm. 

To make sure your website regularly appears at the top of Google search results, there are a few essential factors that you should consider. 

The first is to maintain a blog on your website. Search engines love websites that are regularly updated, and a weekly blog helps serve that purpose while also attracting clients that are searching for blog topics you may have covered. The topics don’t need to be complex; posts about current events, tax tips, and best practices for individual or business tax filers can help keep your website’s blog running smoothly. 

When it comes to your website, you should make sure your design is clean, crisp and easy to follow. According to Adobe, 38% of consumers will abandon a website if the content or appearance is unappealing. An unappealing website might mean having too much material, not enough content, or having visitors hunt through your website for the key information they need. 

When it comes to what you display on your website, consider simply highlighting your top performing services — once you're working with the customer, you'll have the ability to let them know what other services you can give. Having too little information or failing to provide essential information forces users to search your website, which will most likely annoy your visitors and drive them to go elsewhere.

Your website should include: 

  • About us (i.e., firm history, unique facts, firm leaders…) 
  • Services and specific industries you may serve and the problems you solve 
  • Content and insights (articles, blogs, videos. Items that show your firm as a thought leader and expert in accounting, a particular industry, or service) 
  • Client testimonials: Consider how many people read reviews before buying a product. Client testimonials have the same power to “sell” your firm and services. 
  • Contact and location information

Use Social Media

Social media has tremendous benefits for increasing your accounting firm’s exposure to new clients. While many firms have social media accounts on platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, few know how to effectively use those platforms. While having a robust social media presence takes an investment of time, it’s a worthwhile method to market your firm and its services. In fact, it’s vital that you embed social media into your firm’s marketing strategy, and keep your pages running smoothly by posting regularly and interacting with followers. Putting your firm in an environment where people share, like, and interact with your social media accounts increases your visibility and can drive traffic back to your website.

Maximize Email Marketing Efforts

You already communicate with your clients through email, why not take advantage of this by investing time into email marketing campaigns. Newsletters are an excellent way to make sure your client base remains engaged with your firm. They can serve to promote your firm’s services, content, social media pages, and relevant updates. You can even use a newsletter to provide business strategy or financial tips. 

Keep in mind that emails should be mobile friendly. Instead of large, drawn-out pieces of information, present "teasers" of content with hyperlinks back to your website. You want your readers to be encouraged to visit your website. Don't try to do everything in one email; your website is where they will solicit your services.

Let Taxfyle help

Finding ways to improve your staff’s ability to make more meaningful connections with clients can be challenging. Especially when they’re on the verge of burnout from excess work and stress. 

Luckily, there’s a solution to alleviating workflow issues without increasing your firm’s overhead costs. With Taxfyle, you can outsource your excess work to our network of licensed and verified accountants across the country. 

By outsourcing domestically with Taxfyle, you can augment your firm and begin making more value-added connections with your clients because your staff and partners have more time freed up. 

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Outsource today to give your firm the boost it needs. 

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