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The past 18 months have caused seismic shifts in consumer habits and the way we work. Although, as accounting professionals, we have the benefit of working in a traditionally stable industry, we are seeing big changes in the retirement rate of managing partners and the focus of firms to transition staff from tax and accounting work to wealth management and other advisory services. What does this mean for professionals looking to make a good living doing the tax and accounting work they dedicated their careers to? 

Usually when a managing partner retires he/she would sell that book of business, which historically, is a mix of tax and accounting work to a larger regional firm or someone looking to leave their current position and venture out on their own. Now however, larger firms are less willing to take on more tax/accounting work and sole proprietors are facing one of the most expensive and challenging periods for new small brick and mortar business. This dynamic leaves a massive kink in the supply chain but also opens up an opportunity for platforms like Taxfyle and you the digital professional. 

We here at Taxfyle are working around the clock to make it easier than ever for you to pick up side work and have a steady stream of income so that you can be your own boss without any of the brick and mortar overhead/risk. Our platform is now well positioned within major SMB tech companies and large CPA firms so that, for the first time ever, you can set an earnings goal ($20K, $60K, $100K etc.) with Taxfyle in advance and hit it by the end of tax season. 

As our post COVID world continues to evolve, we expect more of these digital working trends to persist. Those professionals who invest time to learn this new digital landscape and start planning out a path to make additional or full-time income via these digital channels will ultimately reap the benefits. Need CTA here. Example: “Take the leap and join Taxfyle in disrupting the accounting industry, learn more by contacting us at” 

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