Taxfyle Pros: Onboarding Questions


Registering with Taxfyle

Tax professionals may register with Taxfyle by creating an account within the “SIGN ME UP” section of the Taxfyle apply page and completing the onboarding questionnaire provided within the website. Please note that your application will not be complete until a copy of the following has been provided and the questionnaire has been filled out:

  1. Government-issued ID (Driver's license, Passport, etc.)
  2. Proof of EA credential (if applicable)
  3. Proof of active PTIN (PTIN renewal letter from IRS or Screenshot of IRS PTIN Account)
  4. Proof of EFIN (E-file acceptance letter from IRS or screenshot of IRS E-file application account)

You can choose to upload a copy of these documents as you're going through the application (if you have them readily available) or upload them after your onboarding request is submitted. Tax professionals are required to use their own preparation software to work on Taxfyle as well as have their own EFIN to e-file client returns.

A confirmation email will be sent to your email on record within a week of receipt of these documents. There may be a delay in this process during high traffic times.

Once documents are reviewed and verified, you will be sent a background check via Checkr before your Pro account is officially set up. Background checks typically take 1-7 business days to be processed.

If you're ever curious as to your registration status, feel free to reach out to the Success Team for an update.

How do I upload my Information?

The Taxfyle Pro Success team utilizes Dropbox to temporarily store your document uploads during the vetting process. In order to upload information to our Dropbox account, you're going to need to log in to your Dropbox account or create a new one. To create a new Dropbox account, click here. Once you create an account, you'll be allowed to upload all the required documents. Learn more about which documents are required.

What if I don't have/can't find the information needed to register?

Please note that all of the information requested during registration is necessary. If you do not have the requisite documents or answers to the onboarding questions, please take the necessary steps to acquire them and complete your registration at a later date.


  • Your CPA license number may be confirmed here.
  • Enrolled agent program is explained here
  • Steps to becoming an authorized E-file provider are provided here.
  • You may create/renew your PTIN here.

When will I be granted access to the Tax Pro Dashboard?

Access is usually granted after one week of submitting all your relevant documents. A confirmation email will be sent to your email on record to confirm access. Please note there may be a delay in this process during high traffic times.

How do I renew my access to the Tax Pro Dashboard?

Fyler Portal access must be renewed every year in alignment with your PTIN renewal. Once you have received confirmation of your PTIN renewal for the upcoming tax season, please upload a copy here to ensure continuing access to the Portal.

Taxfyle also monitors expiration and renewal of your CPA license and EA credential to ensure you maintain an active license/credential. In the event that your license/credential renewal cannot be verified, Taxfyle will revoke your access to the Fyler Portal until notice of your active status has been confirmed.  You can upload evidence of your renewals here.

I registered as a Tax Professional, but my information wasn't saved.

Once you enter your information within the Taxfyle registration page and submit your responses, they're saved and entered into our database, however, they're not saved within your profile. This means that although your responses are available within Taxfyle's database, you will not see your answers saved when you log back into the registration page.

It's important to note that only completed registrations are saved to Taxfyle. If you do not provide answers to all questions, or you fail to press submit, your registration will not be received by Taxfyle. Best practice is to complete all registration data fields and email with any inaccurate/incomplete information so we can finalize your registration on your behalf.

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