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Pro Potential



Hi Pro!

Are you looking for an additional $5K in part-time income next tax season? How about $25K? What if you could commit full-time and make over $75K? Well... you can!

Taxfyle helps growth-focused tax preparers maximize their earning potentials. Our goal is to accommodate you with the means to take advantage of your professional knowledge and expertise by providing a platform to easily service the immense market of individuals and businesses in need of your skills. Whether you’re supplementing your regular income or incorporating Taxfyle into your daily practice, Pros can earn well above national hourly average rates as Taxfyle allows you to forgo overhead expenses while enabling you to focus on your core business, client service. From New Pros to our Premier Pros, there are plenty of opportunities to go around. See the graph below for a breakdown of potential earnings:

  • Premier Pro Full-time: $125,000+
  • Premier Pro Significant Time: $75,000 - $100,000
  • Pro Full-time: $50,000 - $75,000
  • Pro Significant-time: $ 25,000 - $50,000
  • Pro Part-time $5,000 - $10,000.00 

What is a Taxfyle Premier Pro?

Premier Pros are select CPAs and EAs that are in the top 5% of experts in the Taxfyle Pro network. They're platform veterans and have consistently been among the highest performers in Taxfyle. Premier Pros typically spend over 35 hours a week on Taxfyle engagements and have exclusivity to some of our most profitable outsourcing partnerships.

Interested in becoming a Premier Pro? 

Here are three ways to start increasing your earnings using Taxfyle:

  • After being onboarded, stay on the lookout for opportunities within the Taxfyle retail workspace. As a new Pro, our updated routing algorithm will give you preference in selecting the most recently submitted jobs. Jobs are on a first come, first serve basis so being quick is key.
  • Reach out to our Customer Success team via the Help Chat and inform us of your weekly availability. Taxfyle partners with firms all across the United States to outsource work based on return types and software requirements. Pros with qualified experience and availability of 25-35 hours a week will typically be selected after thorough vetting - so stay engaged!!
  • Are you a sole proprietor or run your own firm? We have encouraged preparers with additional staff or resources to onboard with us as well. You will ultimately be the name and face of any Taxfyle relationship, but your staff can assist with the initial legwork so you can continue picking up work as it becomes available and maximize your time on the platform. 

No matter what kind of schedule you prefer, the potential to earn with Taxfyle is in your hands. We’re happy you chose to be part of our network of credentialed tax professionals and look forward to making this a lucrative experience for you. If you want to know more about becoming a Premier Pro with Taxfyle, contact us at info@taxfyle.com.

Legal Disclaimer

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We recommend a Pro file your taxes. Click here to file today.Leave your books to professionals. Click to connect with a Pro.Leave your books to professionals. Click to connect with a Pro.Leave your books to professionals. Click to connect with a Pro.
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