Staying Connected with your Workforce


Now more than ever, ensuring workplace morale and office culture adapt to the changing landscape is essential. Luckily, several resources are available to enhance remote practices. Through workshopping and brainstorming, companies can find effective ways to stay connected.

Remote Best Practices

In the tech world, various companies have adopted simple practices that have kept them ahead of the curve when it comes to remote communication. Among these are daily “stand-up” meetings, where teams connect to track the progress of employees and their projects. Stand ups are essentially a loosely structured public forum within the workplace meant for informal banter to spark ideas and gather information. This model could serve as a useful tool for non-tech companies to implement and formalize. Having those outlets where employees can speak freely and openly with their colleagues is pivotal to keeping creative thinking alive at the remote level.

While it’s important to standardize processes for tracking daily agendas among teams, it’s equally crucial to keep in contact with those workers across departments to better understand the company’s full state. Having weekly or bi-weekly sessions for different departments to collaborate on effective ways to keep the flow of business trending in the right direction is also critical.

Resources for Working Remote

Society is more equipped than ever to adapt to the remote work environment, and some would say there is almost a surplus of applications at our fingertips to accomplish this goal. It’s easy for companies to default to the more popularized digital tools, but those aren’t always as convenient to use. Here are some applications to help companies in establishing an efficient workflow for their remote teams:


It’s not a daring testimonial to say that Slack is at the forefront for remote team communication. Its platform is versatile and adaptable to fit the needs of the team and its users. Fully integrated and customizable to fit the topic of discussion. Slack serves as an excellent benchmark for remotely keeping in touch between peers.


As a supplement to Slack, Tandem offers a compact version of the virtual office. It’s sleek and intuitive design makes collaborating with team members incredibly easy. With the ability to create customized channels for different departments to chat, it helps bring remote workers closer together. People can chat informally, one-on-one, or join the channels to speak as a group.


This version of the virtual workplace takes the concept of social distancing to a new level. The representation of a physical layout on Sococo’s platform brings its users to an interactive online office that adds a whole new dimension to working remotely. Users have their own avatars to telecommute throughout their online office and connect with coworkers. A truly unique experience, Sococo provides an interesting take on working from home. While it is similar to Tandem in that people can speak, the added virtual office layout is a nice touch that makes the concept of remote work a little less foreign.


At the forefront of automated work routing and utilization optimization, Worklayer facilitates endless possibilities for remote freelancers, employees, and entire firms to take control of their work routing and delivery. That way, they can maximize their time with the added value of maintaining and managing their workflow remotely. In the pursuit of staying connected, Worklayer’s infrastructure lays the foundation for the future of work.

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