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Does Taxfyle provide tax preparation software?

Taxfyle currently doesn't have any promotional offerings for purchasing tax software. In the event that we set up any potential partnerships with tax software providers in the future, we'll provide an update within our Help Center for more details.

Do I have to use my own tax software?

As an independent contractor with Taxfyle, you’re expected to maintain the necessary software and equipment needed to complete your work. We encourage Tax Pros to use whichever tax preparation software they’re most comfortable and efficient with as they will ultimately be the responsible party for completing the job. If you do not verify with the Success Team that you own your own tax preparation software, you will not be admitted to register as a Tax Pro.

Are there any e-filing fees with the Taxfyle tax preparation software?

If you're using Taxfyle tax preparation software to service clients, there will be no e-filing fees.

How long does the Taxfyle software license last?

Just like most tax preparation softwares available for sale, purchasing Taxfyle software grants you access to filing programs for the current tax year and previous tax years. Your license for the current year does not expire, however, a new license will need to be purchased the following year for access to programs relating to the new year.

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