Taxfyle Pros: Tax Pro Ratings


How can I regain access to the dashboard?

Please note that Tax Pros falling below a cumulative average rating of 3 ½ stars after their first 5 jobs will have their access rights removed until further inspection of engagement transcripts. The Taxfyle management team will assess the reasonableness of the ratings provided and it’s at their discretion to determine if the ratings were unfair. In the event that you have lost access rights as a result of a poor reputation, you may reach out to with a formal explanation of the matter and why you believe the client ratings were unjust.

How can I improve my rating/reputation?

Very simple, by providing an excellent customer experience. Improving your ratings and achieving a higher reputation is correlated with your communication effectiveness. We've taken the liberty to provide our Pros a best practice communication approach when chatting with your virtual clients.

We've broken down the basics to communicating with your Taxfyle clients which will increase your communication effectiveness and ensure you higher ratings and reputation. Refer to the Get Started guide and our best practice communication approach for all the details regarding communication effectiveness and managing your active jobs.

How can I increase my job limit?

When first registered, Tax Pros are subject to a three concurrent job capacity limit (three at a time). Tax Pros will be allowed to collect more concurrent jobs as they establish their reputation on the platform. Awarding Pros with increases to their concurrent job capacity will solely be based on reputation and volume of returns completed.  Increasing the additional job capacity for Pros is at the full discretion of the Taxfyle Pro Success team.

How/when do I get rated?

Tax Pros are rated at the end of each engagement. Once you close a job, the client will be prompted to rate you based on a 5 star sliding scale.

Provided the ambiguity present when clients rate their Pro, it’s important that you not only meet the requirements of their deliverable, but that you promote a perceived value in your communication with them. Most clients may not be well versed enough in their technical expertise that they can accurately rate your work, but rather they make judgements based on soft skills such as simplified explanations, adaptability, critical observation, conflict resolution, etc.. Of course, an accurate deliverable is always expected as well.

Your client ratings will impact your reputation and potential for rewards within the platform. In addition to this, Pros who fall below a 3 ½ star rating anytime after their first five jobs are subject to have their access rights suspended indefinitely until further notice. It is in your best interest to ensure Taxfyle clients want to come back to the platform as this maintains a steady flow of opportunities for the entire Taxfyle community.

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