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Taxfyle Consultations: Have a Call with a Pro!

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Taxfyle Consultations: Have a Call with a Pro!



Consultations service allows users to connect with a Tax Professional through a call for personalized advice on tax-related matters. Users can choose the duration of their consultation — 15, 30, or 60 minutes — tailoring the experience to their specific needs.

After selecting a duration, users are matched with a licensed Tax Professional, who holds either a CPA license or IRS Enrolled Agent credential. They then schedule a convenient time for a live phone consultation to discuss various tax-related topics, including deductions, credits, and filing strategies. The real-time, interactive phone call allows users to ask questions and receive personalized advice based on their unique financial situation. Emphasizing privacy and security, this model offers a convenient and accessible way for individuals to obtain expert tax advice without needing in-person meetings. 

How do Consultations Work?

The process of using Taxfyle Tax Consultations is streamlined and user-friendly. Users create a job through Taxfyle’s platform to initiate a consultation, selecting the "Tax Consultation" option. Users can choose a schedule that aligns with their availability and preferences.

Once the job is submitted, the system routes it to a Pro based on the designated time slot. This ensures that users are connected with an expert who can address their specific needs during the scheduled consultation. The Pro will initiate the call directly through Taxfyle’s platform, providing a seamless and more secure communication channel.

Users can engage in a live, one-on-one conversation with the Tax Professional during the consultation. This real-time interaction allows for a dynamic exchange of information, enabling users to ask questions, seek clarification, and receive personalized advice tailored to their unique tax situation.

Following the phone call, a transcript is automatically generated. This transcript is uploaded to the platform, serving as a record of the discussion. Users can refer to the transcript for future reference or documentation purposes, ensuring that key insights and recommendations are readily accessible.

What happens if my Consultation goes over time? 

If you need more time, contact the Tax Pro, and together, you can find a time and duration that works best for you both. From there, the Pro will request a Taxfyle Customer Success team member to update the pricing for the extended service.

While the ability to submit another consultation and request the same Pro is not currently available, we're actively working on implementing this feature to enhance user experience, which will be available soon.

I missed my Consultation appointment; now what? 

If you miss your scheduled consultation, no worries! You can quickly reconnect with your Pro and coordinate a new time that suits both schedules. The Pro can initiate the call at the agreed-upon date and time, ensuring a seamless rescheduling process.

Can I have a Consultation with my tax filing? 

You can now conveniently request the Pro through the chat to submit a scope change. Once submitted, you'll have the opportunity to review and approve the scope change, facilitating the addition of the consultation request to your filing.

How do I reschedule an appointment with a Pro?

If you need to reschedule your consultation, just contact your Pro to coordinate a time that suits both parties. Once you agree on the new schedule, the Pro can initiate the call on the specified date and time. This ensures a flexible and convenient process for rescheduling consultations.

Legal Disclaimer

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