Taxfyle Pros: Taxfyle Pro Payments

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Taxfyle Pros: Taxfyle Pro Payments



How do I get paid?

All Pros engaged with Taxfyle must create a Stripe account in order to collect the earnings for jobs completed within the platform. In order to create an account, please visit the Stripe website. When creating a Stripe account, be sure to enter the same email address originally entered as your username. Stripe is Taxfyle’s third party payment solutions provider and is used to both collect online payments from clients and transmit earnings to CPAs. To integrate your Stripe account, simply select "Connect with Stripe" within your Account dashboard while still logged into Stripe. Your access to the dashboard will be restricted until you complete this setup. Once your Taxfyle account is connected to Stripe, Taxfyle will direct all payments to that account going forward.

At the end of the calendar year, Stripe will provide you with your form 1099-K. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires that all US companies processing payments, including Stripe, report the gross earnings of US customers that earn over $20,000 and have 200+ transactions in the calendar year. If you cross both IRS thresholds in a calendar year, Stripe will provide you with a Form 1099-K.

How often am I paid?

Pros are paid weekly for the jobs they completed the prior week (a week in arrears). The amount owed to you will be transferred to your account the Friday following completion of an engagement.

How can I make sure my Stripe account is connected to the Portal?

A confirmation should appear within the Work Portal after selecting "Connect with Stripe". You will not be allowed to work within the portal without completion of this integration, thus, if you're able to navigate through the portal, this should mean you are all set to go. Reference this article to learn how to connect your account with Stripe.

That being said, if you're interested in confirming the 3rd parties with which your Stripe has integrated, you may go to your Stripe account and select "Connect" on your "Account Settings" (drop-down next to your name on the top right of your Stripe dashboard). If you have successfully integrated your account, you should see Taxfyle listed within connected applications.

What happens to my payment if the client is refunded?

Client refunds are expected to occur in the ordinary course of business. In events where you encounter a client that has requested a refund, the Taxfyle team will do their best to ensure you receive payment for the services performed, however, the ultimate amount you can expect to collect depends on the stage of the job and the quality of work you performed. Please note that your communication with the client is considered when determining the quality of work performed.

As noted within our cancellation policy:

Clients may cancel their work request at any time, however, their entitlement to a refund is dependent on the timing of their cancellation request.

  1. If the cancellation request is submitted after you have commenced work but prior to providing the client with tax documents for review, the client is entitled to a 50% refund and you may expect to collect half of the amount presented as earning potential for the job.
  2. If the client believes the work is performed is unsatisfactory, incorrect, or otherwise lacking, and submits a cancellation request after tax documents have been provided for review and signature, Taxfyle will review the work performed and determine proper resolution. If Taxfyle finds that the work performed is, in fact, unsatisfactory, incorrect, or lacking customer care, the client is entitled to have the job re-performed by an alternative CPA and no payment will be provided for the job. If Taxfyle finds that the documents provided appear satisfactory, correct, and complete, services will be deemed complete and you will remain entitled to payment for the full amount of services performed.

There is an issue with payments made to my account or lack thereof

If you believe you have a payment missing or you're not sure of the reason for a particular payment, please reach out to Taxfyle within the help chat and a member of the Taxfyle Pro Success team will look into the matter.

How can I change the bank account to which my Stripe is linked?

You may change the bank account to which your Stripe account is connected by visiting your Stripe dashboard, selecting "Balance" within the left panel of the screen, and updating the "Settings" section with the preferred bank account information.

Question about how to do something in Stripe

Please note Stripe is a third party platform and any support questions regarding your Stripe dashboard may be answered here.

Legal Disclaimer

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Leave your books to professionals. Click to connect with a Pro.Leave your books to professionals. Click to connect with a Pro.Leave your books to professionals. Click to connect with a Pro.
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