Taxfyle Pros: Getting Started


Pro Best Practices

  1. As soon as you pick up a job, it's recommended to send the client an introductory message to break the ice. Something along the lines of "Hey, I'm ___ a CPA/EA based out of (state) and I'll be working on your taxes. When you're ready, please upload your documents including a photo ID and your prior-year tax return to get started." A simple ice breaker like this will go a long way in retaining your clients and ensuring a positive experience.
  2. Ensure that you review all uploaded information/documentation provided by the client as well as their responses to the Taxfyle intake form (via Details).
  3. Please be sure that you meet the client's requested deadline provided on the job page. If a client requests to extend their deadline, let us know and we can change it on the backend.
  4. Attempt to set a time schedule in which you and the client may be available to communicate on a back and forth basis.
  5. Keep all communication with your clients within the job chat for audit log purposes.
  6. Make sure the client is aware of any pricing changes for additional service requirements prior to having their job updated as this could lead to a negative experience.
  7. If a client's job is nearing the extension deadline and they've become unresponsive, file an extension on their behalf to avoid penalties.
  8. Before closing out jobs, summarize the next steps so the client is prepared for any post filing situation (upload e-file acceptance/final copy of return, how to make payments owed, check refund status, etc).
  9. Inform clients they can contact Taxfyle Support if they need their job reopened for any reason before closing them out.

What is Taxfyle?

Taxfyle is an on-demand platform for clients and tax professionals to connect and perform tax preparation services within the evolving mobile economy. Our platform allows clients to access expert advice and engage professionals for one on one services in more cost effective and convenient manners than previously possible. Clients may simply download the Taxfyle app and/or access our web portal to create work requests and connect to a professional within minutes.

Taxfyle is a convenient alternative to the standard do-it-yourself software and brick-and-mortar services. Our mission is to establish the world’s largest network of independent tax and accounting professionals and facilitate connections with clients in need of their services. By introducing modern business principles and merging mobile technology, we're determined to make the Taxfyle platform the best lead generator for your tax and accounting practice.

Who can become a Taxfyle Pro?

Only active Certified Public Accountants and Enrolled Agents that provide proof of the necessary credentials may join the Taxfyle platform and accept opportunities from Taxfyle customers. To get started, visit the Taxfyle Pro apply page to begin your registration.

How much can I expect to earn?

How much you make is completely up to you.  You can pick up clients through Taxfyle full-time, part-time, or even just in your spare time.

Typically, your earnings will vary based on the amount of time you're willing to dedicate to tax preparation.  You can also up your earning potential by making sure that your clients are fully satisfied. If clients love your work, that'll be reflected in your rating, and when we see high ratings, we'll up your concurrent job limit.  (Check out the ratings and reputation section for more info on that).

Some clients may take longer to collect all the necessary documents needed for you to complete their engagement, further delaying your acceptance of new jobs. Because of this initial limitation, your earning potential might not be the same as a veteran to the platform. Regardless, given historical information from our inaugural year, the average personal tax return will net you $111. The average return took about an hour and a half to complete after all the necessary information had been gathered.

Is it free to register with Taxfyle?

It's absolutely free to register to the Taxfyle professional network. Only credentialed Pros may join after they've submitted all the necessary documents to become accepted into the Taxfyle network.

As an independent contractor working with Taxfyle, you will be responsible for maintaining the equipment and insurance necessary to complete your work. Any income you earn from opportunities accepted from Taxfyle will be your responsibility to report on your income tax return for the year.

How can I start working with Taxfyle?

To begin working with Taxfyle, be sure to complete the following:

1. Create an account by clicking "APPLY HERE" within the Taxfyle apply page. You will be prompted to create an email username or create an account with Facebook or LinkedIn. Note the manner in which you are creating your account (whether through email or Facebook/LinkedIn) as this will be the account to which dashboard access will be granted once approval has been supplied by the Taxfyle team. If you create more than one account, please be sure to notify the Taxfyle team through the help chat so they may grant access to the proper profile.

2. Complete the onboarding questionnaire and provide proof of the documentation requested at the end of your oboarding. Please refer to our "Registering with Taxfyle" article for additional detail on the necessary certifications and documentation.

How do I pick up jobs?

Professionals must complete their registration with Taxfyle in order to gain access to the Taxfyle Fyler Portal and begin accepting opportunities. Clients will submit jobs from the Taxfyle mobile app on their iOS, android device, or via the web portal. After clients submit a job, details of their required deliverables, as well as the fee you may collect for completing the engagement, will be routed to the opportunities section of the dashboard. If you feel comfortable accepting a job given the earning potential and forms required, you may select it from the Opportunities dashboard by simply clicking the accept button. There is no obligation to pick up any job you don't feel comfortable completing.

Please note, once you have accepted a job, you're responsible for completing the engagement. If for any reason you choose to have the job transferred and forfeit the earnings, you may select the "Forfeit" button within the Actions section of the job. Best practice is to leave a message for your client indicating why you can not complete the job.

There is currently no mobile notification system, however, you can enable notifications through Google Chrome and will receive email notifications whenever you are logged off of the platform. The expectation is that you will reach out to your client as soon as you pick up a job.  We are known for quick and efficient service.

What are my responsibilities as a provider?

As a Pro working within the Taxfyle platform, you have no obligation to pick up opportunities which you're not comfortable completing given the job description and earning potential. However, once a job is picked up, you're solely responsible for completing the work. Responsibilities include (but are not limited to): communicating with the client regarding their activity, reviewing/requesting supporting documents, preparing your client's deliverable, providing it for review and signature, and ultimately filing it on their behalf.

We recommend reading the orientation materials available within the Resources dashboard before accepting any opportunity. Additional detail regarding questions you may have while working within Taxfyle may be found within the orientation materials.

What is my relationship with Taxfyle?

As a Pro registered with Taxfyle, you’ll be acting in the capacity of an independent contractor. You have the ability to work when you want, where you want, as often as you please and there is no cost to join the platform. Taxfyle will provide customer engagement opportunities for Pro's working within our network and take a commission for the service. The earning potential noted within an opportunity will be the amount you can expect to collect on the engagement.

As an independent contractor, you will receive a form 1099-K for income earned from Taxfyle opportunities. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires that all US companies processing payments report the gross earnings of US customers that earn over $20,000 and have 200+ transactions in the calendar year. If you cross both IRS thresholds in a calendar year, Stripe will provide you with a Form 1099-K.

It’s your responsibility to ensure you report and pay any tax liability as a result of income earned from Taxfyle opportunities during the calendar year, whether you received a 1099-K or not.

Is there an experience requirement?

While there is no experience requirement for a Pro to gain access to the Fyler Portal, a word of caution goes to those with limited knowledge of the standard procedures for engagements in which you accept. As a Pro, you're bound to the ethical and professional conduct requirements established by the profession. If you feel uncertain as to your abilities to accomplish a particular engagement given the details provided on the opportunity, we suggest you don't accept it as your own. Please note, as a Pro accepting an engagement, you're accepting sole responsibility for the completion of that engagement. If you feel you're unable to complete the work and need to have a job transferred, please reach out through the Taxfyle help chat and a member of Taxfyle Pro Success team will have the job transferred to a Pro more suited for the engagement.

Note: Every engagement will impact your rating and reputation. By accepting opportunities which may be more complex for your skill set, you are exposing yourself to poor ratings in the event you provide a less than quality service.

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