Taxfyle - Summer In Review


Hi TaxPro,

We are on track for making this our best tax season to date thanks to the incredible efforts of you and the rest of our growing Pro network. As more Pros start onboarding with us and commit more time to our platform, opportunities within our workspaces are becoming increasingly lucrative and specialized for Pros of all tax backgrounds. 

Our projected traffic for next tax season is the perfect chance for new and veteran Pros alike to take that leap into becoming the boss of their own practice by coming into their own with Taxfyle. The most committed Pros can easily reach earnings of over $100,000 which can be the gateway to supplementing your income, savings, or even preparing for retirement.

In the coming months, our engineering team will be unveiling an updated Work Portal with many exciting features to help keep you organized and guide your clients throughout their jobs more efficiently and effectively. This will be invaluable in next year’s busy season and beyond as we continue to scale. 

Our reimagined portal will introduce a new feature called “Workflows”, the goal of which is to utilize the job chat to auto-generate tasks for Pros and clients to expedite job progression. These tasks can consist of uploading documents, providing missing information, signing documents, and more to better streamline engagements. More improvements to our service and platform are also on the way, aiming to help us complete more jobs and get you paid!

We are excited for your involvement this upcoming season as we continue our evolution in disrupting the accounting industry. If you would like to learn more about what we have in store, please contact us now at Thank you for working with Taxfyle and we look forward to continuing our journey together!

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