What To Expect


Taxfyle Pro, 

While the 2020 tax season is quickly wrapping up and the 2021 season is around the corner, we have a lot to look forward to here at Taxfyle! Thanks to the hard work from you and the rest of our Pro network, we are expecting to have a record amount of jobs submitted through the platform next year. c

Heading into next season, we are starting to see a trend of the most common software being utilized within our outsourcing platforms. With many firms making a shift to Thomson Reuters - UltraTax and Wolters Kluwer - CCH Axcess Tax, we are constantly looking for Pros who have experience with, or own, one of these softwares. 

As such, we have seen a fair amount of our Pros starting to purchase new software so they can better take advantage of the opportunities we make available to them. If you are deciding on committing to a new software, below you will see a breakdown of software popularity currently within our outsourcing segment that can provide some insight into what’s in demand. 

While switching to a new software might not be feasible at this time due to the added expense, we still have a way for you to unlock your unlimited earning potential with us. Taxfyle will soon be launching a new training program. With this, all you need to do is dedicate an hour of your time by participating in one of our Taxfyle-sponsored training webinars, and in return, you will be guaranteed access to new workspaces. In these training sessions you will be exposed to new softwares, as well as in-depth training on the processes and specifications each firm is expecting to see in their returns. 

We are excited for what's to come next season, but we can’t do it alone. We value you as a Pro and want to ensure you are getting access to all the opportunities you have the capacity for. If you are interested in purchasing a new software or would like to participate in a Taxfyle sponsored training, reach out to us at info@taxfyle.com! 


The Taxfyle Team

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