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Taxfyle Pro, 

So you’ve just joined Taxfyle and are looking to expand your book of business, or maybe you’re looking at Taxfyle as a way to make extra money on the side while maintaining your practice. You might even be considering working with us full-time to start taking control of your work-life balance. 

Either way you slice it, Taxfyle can provide you with lucrative ways to grow in this digital accounting landscape while simultaneously maximizing your earning potential. The only determining factor is the level of commitment you’re willing to dedicate to our platform. As long as you follow these general guidelines, you will be set up for success with Taxfyle.

Common Trends 

A good Taxfyle Pro logs onto the platform on a consistent basis. We’ve seen that Pros who log in at a minimum of 2-3 times a day are more likely to pick up engagements than those that log in sporadically. Typically during the busy season, we recommend logging on around 12:00 PM noon EST and towards the evening (6:00 PM EST) to best capture that heavier job traffic. Peak times may vary depending on the time of year but our data has shown these times to be a proven method for repeated successful pickups. 

Maximizing Work Portal Usage

We understand that most Pros are not able to be online at all hours of the day, especially given how hectic day-to-day life can be. What makes things easy is that you don’t have to be active on the portal when trying to pick up work. Simply leave a tab open on your browser to the Opportunities section of your portal and make sure that you have desktop notifications enabled. This way you’ll be updated when newly available jobs are submitted in real-time.

Communication is Key

It goes without saying that good communication is highly valued when it comes to engaging with clients. Most, if not all, of the clients you’ll assist through Taxfyle will not be highly knowledgeable about their tax situations. It’s your responsibility to bridge any gaps of understanding to help deliver a seamless tax filing experience so that they come back year after year.  

And Pros that are actively checking in with our Customer Success team are over twice as likely to be selected for exclusive work opportunities. These opportunities range from access to partnered referral workspaces in our consumer (B2C) segment as well as outsourcing workspaces in our business (B2B) segment. 

As you begin making a name for yourself within Taxfyle’s Pro Network, our team will notice and reach out to gauge your capacity for various workspaces you would be eligible for. Those Pros that follow our best practices, quickly turn around jobs, and continuously demonstrate excellent customer service with clients are always considered first. We’re expecting next year to be Taxfyle’s biggest year yet with a record number of jobs in the pipeline. To learn more about what we have to offer, feel free to contact us through the Help Chat!

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